Winning an event.

Vapers United helps promote advocacy for the vaping industry and community. Our advocacy comes in the form of a lot of time getting important information out on the web and in our personal lives. I spend about four hours or more a day on the Internet debunking information that people put out there when posting. I have no idea how much time Connie spends on the Internet but I'm sure there are times when she out does me. Hosting events simplifies what we do because it helps us get into groups and other places that we normally do not have access to. And, frankly, people are more likely to share events with friends and family which aids in our advocacy goals.
This is important because the FDA has muzzled everyone in the vaping industry. They cannot say that vaping is safer than smoking. They cannot say the truth. In actuality they have been ordered to lie.

Our policy, since we just host the events, is to host the event and then to relay instructions to the receiver on how to get hold of the retailer/vendor. At that point Vapers United is out of the whole deal.

If any retailer/vendor didn't complete his/her end of the deal let us know so we are armed with the information when dealing with them again.

Please keep the following in mind when dealing with a retailer/vendors.

Remain Calm. Some retailer/vendors receive hundreds of emails a day so yours may have gotten lost or overlooked. I'm sure this was not done on purpose but if you don't hear back in a day or two then send another email.

Remember this CPR (Calm, Patient, Remember). No one (you, or the retailer/vendor) wants to go through the other CPR (CardioPulmonary Resuscitation) during this process.

Suggestions when contacting the retailer/vendor. Most vendors do these things anyway.

1.  Be sure the name and address you give is correct.

2.  Make sure and confirm the use of tracking numbers. If they normally don't use tracking numbers then request one. If you don't and it ends up in Timbuktu, you very well could be out of luck.

3.  If you are worried or are the type that gets upset if something does go wrong, then maybe an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You should consider insuring the package if the retailer/vendor doesn't.

Vapers United will not be held liable for issues between retailers/vendors & receivers.


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