We are not manufactures, importers, or retailers.
We are citizens who give our time freely to promote a healthier lifestyle.
We do not buy any products except for our own personal use.
We do not receive a discount because of our advocacy.
We do not get paid for what we do.
We do not barter for what we do.

Part of our Advocacy movement is putting on events.
We do this to counter the FDA's move to keep vaping out of the public's eye.
It also sends the message that we (vapers) will not give up!!!

Vapers United fights because instead of getting reasonable regulations, we have ended up fighting corruption, greed, and the over reach of a government entity. The over reach is why the Vaping industry is about pushing back on Government. Vapers need government safety standards but not a dictator that push Redeeming industry killing rules. A dictator that cares little about a smoker saving his or her life. And in reality vaping is only part of a bigger problem when it comes to government so as part of this advocacy Vapers United is taking a different route than most advocacy organizations/groups. Vapers United is taking on government so we are not avoiding sharing news that is as truthful as can be found.
As a Country cutting government rules, regulations, and red tape could very well save Vaping. In doing so the cuts will help in many aspects of our lives and will help in Vaping and that is absolutely necessary.
Don't waver from this course.

Our goals
1) By using our first amendment right to keep vaping in the public eye. This right is being taken from anyone in the vaping business. Plus the more people converted than the louder the noise will be in 2018 when vaping disappears.
2) Using our first amendment right to inform smokers that vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Letting smokers know that making the switch can also save their loved ones and friends from the dangers of second hand smoke.
3) To help pave the path to a tobacco free society with vaping. A greener world.
To accomplish these goals together the vaping community has to unite. We have to get very serious about our elected officials.
2016 election information: Informational Link page.

Vapers United has a presence in several places: several groups on Facebook, reddit, Linkedln, Blogger, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Wordpress, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google +, and more.
We'd love to have your help so join us in this Advocacy endeavor.

Retailers please use the Contact Us page and join us.  There is no charge for what Vapers United does.
We reserve the right to turn down any event that we deem inappropriate.

Or contact me on Facebook.


















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