We are not manufactures, importers, or retailers.
We are citizens who give our time freely to promote a healthier lifestyle.
We do not buy any products except for our own personal use.
We do not receive a discount because of our advocacy.
We do not get paid for what we do.
We do not barter for what we do.

Everything that is underlined is a link.

How this works.
We hosts events and these events can be found by following the "Where We Do It" links on the left.
At no time do we have possession of any product. Occasionally (but rarely) we pass on codes to the recipient.
Once event is over, we provide instructions on how to claim the code.
We are done.

Coupon Code:
Not that things will remain the same (could change to the better or worse) but for now on Vapers United is giving away:
1) Coupon codes worth X amount of dollars.
2) A certain amount off an item.
Because of the FDA regulations there are many (most) things that vendors can't give away for free so expect an out of pocket expense.

If you find yourself here and know very little about the vaping world then check out VapingBlips. This is a small forum and many there will be glad to fill you in on what is what. Vaping Underground is a large forum and also will be glad to help.

Keep up on Advocacy and news by clicking here!!!

Vapers United helps promote advocacy for the vaping industry and community. Our advocacy comes in the form of a lot of time getting important information out on the web and in our personal lives. I spend about four hours or more a day on the Internet debunking information that people put out there when posting. I have no idea how much time Connie spends on the Internet, but I'm sure there are times when she out does me. Hosting events simplifies what we do because it helps us get into groups and other places that we normally do not have access to. And, frankly, people are more likely to share events with friends and family which aids in our advocacy goals.
This is important because the FDA has muzzled everyone in the vaping industry. They cannot say that vaping is safer than smoking. They cannot say the truth. In actuality they have been ordered to lie.

Promote A Billion Lives

Please use the links under Where We Do It to check on running events and join in on the fun!!!

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