We are not manufactures, importers, or retailers.
We are citizens who give our time freely to promote a healthier lifestyle.
We do not buy any products except for our own personal use.
We do not receive a discount because of our advocacy.
We do not get paid for what we do.
We do not barter for what we do.

All underlined words means it is a link.

About Vapers United:
How this works.
We hosts events.
At no time do we have possession of any vendor product.
The event involves store credits or store coupon codes.
Once event is over, we send the receiver on to the retailer/vendor or manufacturer.
We are done.

Coupon Code:
Not that things will remain the same (could change to the better or worse) but for now all Vapers United is doing is putting on events and the end result will be codes worth X amount of dollars.
Because of the FDA regulations there are many (most) things that vendors can't give away for free so expect an out of pocket expense.

If you find yourself here and know very little about the vaping world then check out VapingBlips. This is a small forum and many there will be glad to fill you in on what is what.
Vaping Underground is a large forum and also will be glad to help.

As you can see the day of vaping freebies are over. At least until things change.
Retailers and manufactures have gone the extra mile for the vaping community in the past. It's now time for you to stand behind the vaping industry.
The FDA has muzzled the industry but not us (the vaping community), and now we have to be their advocate---their voice.
Get involved with Advocacy.

About Us:
Hi and I'm known as jj tiggergirl or jj, or jj2 or some variation of this on social media. The only exception is Facebook. There I am Jan Harris. My avatar may change now and then but it will always have the name Vapers United somewhere on the picture.

I entered the vaping world back in 2009.
Vapers United didn't happen until years later.
Vapers United is not a retailer, or manufacturer, or an importer.
We do not buy , sell, or barter anything unless it's for personal use using personal property.

Vapers United is Advocacy and our goal: Fighting the FDA, Big Tobacco, Big Pharmacy, health organizations, and a few others that want to see vaping destroyed.
Part of what we do is help the major Advocacy Groups get information out so the vaping community will see it and do as instructed. Everyone should do this. Because of the FDA regulations retailers cannot pass on that vaping is 95% safer than smoking.

Links to the Advocacy groups and information can be found on the site at the Information Links page. The most important thing for you to do right now is support both of these: Support HR2058 and the Cole/Bishop amendment.
Yes they look familiar but there are difference so please do both.

During elections keep an eye out on the Election page.

About me.
May 2009, I joined my first forum and I was there for six years. That forum was ECF.

I learned do a lot of things there which brought me to what I'm doing today:
Vapers United.
1.  I was an ECF forum moderator ( M&M).
2.  I gave ECF the idea of the library.
3.  After dropping out of being a forum moderator, I took ownership of the Social Group called Wellness: Wrecked & Bonkers and started the Library Annex and moderated both.
4.  Was a moderator of part of the Veterans Forum. 
5.  Last but not least, again, I learned a lot about vaping and I became part of it's history even if it was a small part.
There is much much more so a lot of time and effort was put forth to help the vaping community.
The idea behind Vapers United came to life while I was at ECF.
The idea came to me in 2014. I did not act on it until 2015.
To bring it alive, ECF and I parted after taking the first steps.

How this works.
We take on vendors and hosts events for them. The events gets us into many many groups on Facebook and many other social media places that otherwise we we would not be allowed to post. 
Manufactures and/or vendors have been muzzles, but the consumer and advocacy groups have not. The purpose of Vapers United is to keep the health aspect of vaping out there for people to see.
At no time do we have possession of any product. Occasionally (but rarely) we do pass on a code for a vendor.
Once event is over, we send the receiver to the vendor, retailer, or manufacture.

Vapers United purpose may change now and then but right now it is to help win the battle against the FDA regulations. ADVOCACY is the big thing these days so again support the following.
---Vaping saved by House Vote
---Support both the Cole Amendment and
HR 2058

 Connie Hott on Facebook and Reddhott on forums is part of Vapers United.

Reddhott has the same goals that I do and that is to see vaping succeed.
To see vaping wipe out the use of tobacco and to be classified as Harm Reduction.
To witness the decline of illnesses and torturous death that come from smoking.
We are not heroes and we are not alone. There are millions of us that are driven by this cause.

Neither I or Reddhott do this as a source of income or to make money at all. We'd rather have you vaping instead of smoking and we'd rather have your respect than your money.
Vapers United does not charge anything for what we do.
No one from Vapers United is getting paid or expect vendors to give us goods for free.

We do what we do because we want to bring the vaping world together and see it prevail over corruption and greed.

Keep in mind that to save vaping, we all have to live by this slogan:
United We Stand, Divided We Fall


ECF does not allow Vapers United to operate on the forum so just to clarify: What Reddhott does there is not connected to Vapers United.
Again ECF is not part of Vapers United. If vendors that we divvy out coupon codes for do things there it has nothing to do with Vapers United.

Vapors United operates on two USA forums.
(1) Vapers Underground has turned into the busiest forum and the most freedom of actions and movement. This forum has put safeguards into place so it's not in any danger of closing down because of government or the FDA Regulations.
(2) Vaping Blips This is where I hang out. It's small but more like a family. You can get vaping help there.  It's more than a vaping forum since it covers a lot of different topics.

Actually there are more forums and from many countries, I just don't know them all and can't list them all. So please find one that you are the most comfortable on and advocate!!! :)

A special thank you goes out to Sundrinkr, VaperJim, and 100%VG. Each have played a part of Vapers United too.

Thanks for visiting.

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