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The Triangle

FDA at the top. Campaign for Tobacco-free kids on the lower left. Big Pharmacy on the lower right.
These three entities ARE Not only the enemy of  those who vape or smoke. This effects our environment, our health, and EVERYONE'S money.
When it comes to lives its not just humans. PETA
(1) FDA
(2) Campaign for Tobacco-free kids
(3) Big Pharmacy

Campaign for Tobacco-free kids (2). The biggest threat. It was started by the Robert Woods Foundation. Johnson & Johnson (Big Pharmacy) was one of the founding members.
Robert Woods Foundations owns millions of shares in Johnson & Johnson.

Big Pharmacy (3)
Johnson & Johnson. They make smoking sensation devices: A variety of Nicorette options.
Other Pharmaceutical companies. They make other stop smoking aids.
All who make up Big Pharmacy gives money to the health organization Campaign for Tobacco-free kids.
To complicate it more Big Pharmacy gives to other cancer health organizations. Campaign for Tobacco-free kids and some of those other places like the American Lung Association (ALA) and American Cancer Society (AMA) also receive tax dollars.
Health organizations raised money from the public through donations.
To complicate matters even more: Health organizations get money from Big tobacco because of MSA.

Vaping is a threat to health organizations and Big Pharmacy so they have to work hand-in-hand.

Tobacco is the leading cause of  illnesses, cancer, and death.
Tobacco is why they exists.
Eliminate the leading cause and there is little need for ANY of these health organizations. The money stops flowing in.

Big Pharmacy losses money because their stop smoking aids don't sell. This is already happening. The decline of cancer victims means fewer people need their drugs.
~~~Every cancer related health organization and the FDA needs the vice of smoking to stay alive.~~~

This brings us to their use of fear and this has taken many forms over and over again for almost a decade. The latest effort is by shouting that vaping is a gateway to smoking when it comes to minors and our youth.
Unfortunately efforts so far has shown the exact opposite.
Face it some kids are rebels. We all know this because we were the same at that age and we set out, and mostly succeeded, in trying what was forbidden.
In my case it was alcohol and I will admit marijuana. FYI: I wasn't crazy about the latter but I was young and determined to try it.
I didn't start smoking until I was 19/20. According to the FDA, I was not an adult because in gathering statistics on youth and young adults the FDA included 27 to 29 year olds.
Evidently no one is an adult and capable of making their own decisions until they turn 30.

The results are now coming in and what these crackdowns and bans on vaping is doing is driving the smoking rates up in the age group of eighteen or younger.
Most likely in the older category too since many states are changing the legal age to 21.
The only gateway vaping is turning out to be is to get smokers off killer tobacco.
Confirm this info by viewing:
---American Enterprise Institute (AEI) E-cigarettes and public health: What’s next after the FDA rule?
This video also reveals a lot of other misinformation that has been used over the last years.

FDA (1) and completing the triangle.
Medical organizations are coming out with the truth. Vaping is safer. Vaping is not a threat to bystanders. The FDA itself got the results of testing it had done and the results were positive toward vaping.
But because of the corruption and the greed, vaping has to be stopped. This corrupt and sinister goal brought on the deeming regulations. Its intent is to kill the vaping industry.
Big Pharmacy set out to protect it's profit line and for health organizations to remain in business the vaping industry can not survive. What better way but to keep the truth from coming out than to bury it under the pile of propaganda.
The FDA is the tool to make it all happen.
The last FDA commissioner is now being indicted in a RICO lawsuit (husband benefited from her actions) because of corruption which involves Big Pharmacy.
The current commissioner use to lobby for Big Pharmacy about tobacco dependency--promoting nicotine replacement therapy. Of course there are those

who pushed for him to get the job knowing that there would be a need of a powerful friend because of e cigs/vaping. 
To help this along the FDA needed help and this was obtained with a little help from of some of our politicians. It is now known that seven democrats accepted some big bucks from Big Pharmacy and they have actively pushed for the legal regulations that the FDA put out: A legal maneuver to create a prohibition against the vaping industry.
From what I understand there is actual proof that Big Pharmacy went so far as to send out memos to these politicians/FDA to encourage the propaganda campaign against e cigs/vaping.

Vaping is fighting those big three. But that isn't all.
Big Tobacco is not a major player in all this but still they can't be ignored. They have pushed for the current FDA regulations.
They had absolutely nothing to do with the invention of the e cigarette or all the advancements made in the industry. Most of this was done on forums where everyday people wanted to save their lives. They wanted to help others do the same thing. They gathered and brainstormed. Only a small part of those people cared about profiting from their work or ideas. Inventors and manufactures stalked and gathered ideas. Vaping grew in leaps and bounds and smoking rates went down. More than predicted. Big tobacco has had to cut it's working force.
If any tobacco representative walk into a vaping business with their substandard product, they would be laughed at while escorted back out the door.
Big Tobacco would love to see the vaping industry shutdown because they can not compete with the vaping products on the market.

FDA set the predicate date to 2007 and made the work and expense of getting all products from e juice to devices approved an impossible and expensive tasks. That means 99% (more like 100%) of all vaping products will disappear. Thousands of businesses will close. Thousands of jobs will disappear.
FDA is handing vaping over to Big Tobacco the only one who can afford to go through the process.
Big Tobacco entered the game by buying out two of the original e cigarette manufactures. Their product is, well, junk compared to what is on the vaping market today. It's like driving a Lexus or BMW and then the FDA telling you that you have to go back to driving a Model T.
Tobacco's version of an e cig (cigalike) wasn't on the market in 2007 but I'm sure that their cigalike will miraculously remain on the market when all the competition is gone. Prices will balloon on the cigalike for profit sake. The cigalike will more of a disposable item to insure repeat purchases.
Under tobacco, e cigarettes can be taxed at a sin tax rate.

Plainly put:
Tobacco gets control over vaping.
The FDA has control over tobacco.
Government has control over the FDA.
Health organizations have an enemy to fight so the money keeps rolling in.
Sin taxes for governments keep rolling in.
They all win.
People lose. 164,000 kids will die in the next year from second hand smoke. One billion over the next decade.
Even pets will not escape illness and death.

Federal entities aren't the only ones with blood on their hands.
State governments (like California) borrowed against MSA projections and aren't getting the money they thought they were going to get. To stop from having to borrow from Peter to pay Paul, they are grasping at straws or taxing vaping that is saving lives.
They have (or are trying to) set up new regulations and new taxes on e cigs/vaping like they are on killer tobacco.
They don't care if it comes from the 95% safer way or the tobacco killer way. They just want the money.
City governments: Chicago Illinois has done this.
Both of these places are mentioned in the last part of AEI video.
Not all thank God but many other States and Cities are following suit. They are all broke and they don't care who lives or dies as long as the money keeps flowing in.
This article gives you the names and lays out the dirt.  Hot Air: Democrats Work With Big Tobacco and Big Pharma to Choke the Vaping Industry



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